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“Wait, were you a bodyguard?”

“No,” Derek says, but there’s something more to it, the pause too pregnant, as if there’s some double meaning to the word.

“I’m sensing a ‘but’ here.” 

Derek’s mouth flattens as he puts his cup down on the counter without a sound. Stiles tries to come up with an explanation for why this, of all questions, might have offended him. The likelihood that Derek has been misclassified somewhere seems fairly high, but Stiles has no complaints with his work so it’s not like it would be grounds to return him. It’s just strange, and Stiles is always a little captivated by things out of the ordinary.

“I’ve been trained to do a lot of things,” Derek says at last, pulling Stiles away from his train of thought. It’s still not really an answer but if there’s something he’s afraid to reveal then it’s up to Stiles to find out.

- from Chapter 2 of Not As Described, by Febricant, formerly Fuck-it-fire-everything. 

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